Our Machines & Production Process

State of the art creation of our products

Our rise to being market leaders in tea bagging is testimony to our superior machinery and consistency in our tea production processes. Starting with a mere workforce of 20 persons when Senok Tea was incorporated in 1989 as a factory that produced wooden gift packs for tea for existing clients and business partners of Senok Group, we have grown today to house 150 workers in a state of the art factory.

The machinery that boosts our tea production:

  • 3 No’s of brand new PERFECTA tea bagging machines from GERMANY
  • 3 No’s of Brand new IMA tea bagging machines from ITALY
  • 5 Nos’s of Constanta tea bagging machines from Germany
  • 2 No’s of CAM over wrapping machines from ITALY
  • 1 MARDEN EDWARD over wrapping machine from ENGLAND
machines testing

“Unparalleled Perfection”

Tea production at Senok Tea Ceylon

Selecting & Cataloging the Best Teas:

  • Senok Tea works exclusively with eight handpicked tea brokers and acquire Tea Samples from them 3 weeks prior to the auction date.
  • These samples are received at Senok every Saturday and are cataloged into eight different categories by each broker.
  • Our Tea Executives grade, liquor and value these samples according to each of their respective standards. (Standards which they use are usually made under client requirements)
  • When grading teas, a special note is made under each batch of tea on their respective catalogs detailing the particular standard and a suitable valuation.
  • Now we prepare to buy our selected teas from the tea auction!
machine tea testing

Buying at Colombo Tea Auction

  • The famous Colombo Tea Auction is held every week on Tuesday's and Wednesday's at the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.
  • Our attendees at the auction are equipped with the Purchase Sheets prepared by the Tea Executives detailing the teas that needs to be purchased for the week, their quantities & price ranges to secure a successful bidding
  • At the auction, the teas were bought under 3 different standards as follows;
    • On Standard teas
    • Tea which are superior to the standard
    • Tea which are inferior to the standard
  • Guided by the price ranges dictated on the Purchase Sheets based on their samples, we bid to procure the required quantities
  • Our purchases are generally around 60% on standard quality and only 40% under the other two standards.
machines senok tea mixing

Blending to make that perfect cup of tea!

  • Every Friday, our tea brokers send out samples from each batch of tea bought at the auction to our buyers
  • The average price of each sample that goes out is determined by our Tea Executives. They blend weigh up samples from the newly purchased teas in our Tea Room to create different standards of blends and price them accordingly
  • A Blend Sheet gets prepared from the Tea Room detailing the lines of teas used in the weigh up blend, their quantities and prices for each standard
  • All lines of teas used for the blend are collected and stocked at our stores at Senok prior to the blending date
  • On blending day, the main blend is prepared by following the combinations & quantities of tea lines on the Blend Sheet
  • The adding of colourful flavours to the blended teas according to the client requirements comes last
  • Finally, the tea is packaged either as loose leaf or as tea bags and leave our factories in a variety of high quality Senok Teas

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