Our owned tea Gardens

Senok Ceylon tea garden


Aislaby Farm and Estate, owned by Senok Group Of Companies is situated in Bandarawela. Bandarawela has a mild weather pattern throughout the year and as such it is a popular holiday destination. Bandarawela is also classified under up the country intermediate zone (UCIZ) which spreads over the Badulla and Monaragala districts. The elevation above sea level is 4000 ft, and the average annual rainfall is between 1100 t0 1400 mm. The average temperature is between 12 ºc in December, and January and 27 ºc in May and June. Bandarawela is 200km away from Colombo and 125 km away from Kandy. The Bandarawela area consists mainly red yellow soil which is favorable for the cultivation of tea at the Senok ceylon tea garden.

Aislaby Farm and Estate purchased from a Puisne Judge named Schneider, by Norman and Mark Bostock in 1945. Mark learnt planting on Aislaby as a creeper and led Aislaby to be a premier Tea estate in the Uva district. All this ended in 1973 when the tea estates were nationalized and the Bostock family was left with only the Kirchhayn Bungalow and 50 acres of plantation land.

Aislaby Farm and Estate spans an area of 50 Acres, which consists of 42.36 Acres of Tea, 1.75 Acres of Coffee and 2.75 Acres for poultry and vegetable farming. The remaining land is used for the growing of Timber. We employ 28 people and have 294 residents on our Estate. Our income is mainly on Tea (Green Leaf) which is sold to the Attampitiya and Halpe Tea factories. We generate approximately Rs 7,200,000 annually from 120,000 kg of green leaf tea.

Coffee at Aislaby is all Arabica. Arabica is a Coffee species originally indigenous to the forests of the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia. Arabica is believed to be the first species of Coffee to be cultivated. We harvest around 300 kg per annum and thus generate approximately Rs 126,000 annually. The coffee which is brewed at our boutique bungalow –Kirchhayn, is produced by us.


The nature of our business is such that we have always been very aware and active in the whole gamut of sustainability issues. Tea estates by nature are small communities which have a very close relationship with the environment. Aislaby farm and estate is a perfect place for bird watching, the fruits, trees and flowers attract more than 50 species. A predawn start is needed for the hardest species, the Srilankan Whistling Thrush. As dawn is the best time to find this inexplicably shy bird. Ceylon Jungle fowl, Bush Warbler and the Woodpigeon are common visitors.

Our primary goal at Senok and Aislaby Farm and Estate is to be a responsible cooperate citizen, enhancing the quality of life in our local communities. There are always enormous challenges as an employer with the quality of people living on the estates. In order to maximize our effectiveness, we focus on the children on our lands, in three key areas. Education, Training and Health.

Starting at birth, we have a concerted programme of antenatal and neonatal care. Working closely with our estate dispensaries and government hospitals, we provide advice, nutrient supplements, medical treatment, immunizations and monthly clinic services. This not only provides for the children themselves, but the mothers. In essence leading to a far more cohesive family life within our estates.

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