Tea Emporium (TÉ KADÉ)

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Senok Te Kade


‘Te Kade’ means Tea Boutique in the local language. It is based at the Senok Headquarters in Colombo 4, Sri Lanka.It is a boutique that has been designed to show the way in which the original historic tea shop was. It is stuck in time, from a bygone era.Hard clay floor, clay walls, Palmyra roof, unfinished wooden shelves and coir fiber make up the interior.

At the Te Kade the complete selection of Senok Tea is available for purchase.

  • The selection covers:
  • Loose Leaf Green Tea & Black Tea – in tins, packs, Alu foil blocks etc.
  • Tea Bags – Naked tea bags, Envelope tea bags and Heat Sealed.
  • Others – Ceramic, Porcelain etc.

The Te kade is the place where the customers can get up close and personal with the Senok tea selection. You can see,touch, smell, taste and listen to your very own brew coming to life as your tea sense are teased. A visit to the Te Kade can go a long way for a person who isn’t familiar with tea.We have experienced staff, tea makers and product advisers to help you choose the ideal tea for the senses to compliment your lifestyle.If tea is not your “cup of tea” then we have a large selection of tisanes available as well.Our tea can be tasted hot or cold.

I now invite you to come and experience the Senok Te Kade.



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