From Our Gardens to Your Cup

The Senok Tea Ceylon factory is
situated on 2 acres of land in
Hokandara, Pannipitiya; a short
distance from the Colombo City limits. It
houses all processes that are required
for a full tea production facility.




An entirely stand alone to ensure 0% taint. Over 600 square foot area where all the special blends we have available are carefully put together with experts.

senok-facilities-packaging teaFLAVOURING ROOM

An entirely stand alone to ensure 100% freshness. All flavouring of tea takes place here.

senok-facilities-tea-packagingBAGGING MACHINE ZONES

Each machine zone is separate at the factory in order to ensure 100% productivity. Universal and Perfecta machines are in zones that are parallel whilst the IMA machines are housed in a separate zone.

senok facilities lagagerLOOSE LEAF PACKING ZONE

This is a 100% staff only area where the loose leaf is carefully sorted, weighed and packed into their respective outer packaging.

senok factory facilitiesOVERWRAPPING/SHRINK WRAPPING

Entirely separate zone to ensure that this final stage of wrapping is completely safe. There is use of heat sealing and hot air guns etc,and as such safety is a high priority. It is a no entry zone until all work is officially completed and all equipment is shut off. It is the final stage of wrapping that takes place on both Tea Bag packs as well as on different types of loose leaf packaging.

senok factory packingFINISHING

A stand alone area where all the final touches are made to the items leaving the factory.

senok facilites machineCARPENTRY

Senok has a dedicated carpentry section where we carry out all processes relating to our wooden presentation boxes. The wood is sourced from suppliers and arrives at the factory in long flat planks. The wood is then treated, cut, sanded, polished and assembled into the boxes that you can find on our site. All processes are carried out in house.


We have in house designers and artists who carry out the necessary work for product packaging. This includes free hand art and vintage style screen printing. Printing of cartons and paper packing is currently outsourced.


There is a multitude of staff that come and go through the factory premises. The highest level is hygiene and safety is strictly adhered to. The staff have special clothing that must be worn on the premises which include a coverall, hats, gloves and face masks. This ensures a safe product as well as safe workers. We have designated ladies and gents resting areas/ shower facilities for our staff who work on a shift basis. The company provides all staff with medical insurance. The working hours are strictly adhered to in order to ensure that there is the highest productivity for the factory as well as a fully satisfied workforce.

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