Global Tea Regions - Africa

Around the world with Tea

Africa is one of the more ‘recent’ tea growing nations. Africa is now producing teas of a high quality. African teas are now used for blending the world over.

Tea producing countries in Africa include Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and South Africa producing about 30% of world exports amounting to some 514,742 tonnes of made tea.

The tea that is produced is almost exclusively CTC (crush, tear, curl).

 Roiboos tea ( “Redbush tea”)

Roiboos from South Africa is a shrub similar to the tea bush. Its red leaves yield a herbal tea with a bright, aromatic, sweet liquor. Roiboos tea is low in tannin, has no hint of bitterness and is caffeine-free.

Honey bush tea (aka “Mountain tea” or “Cape tea”):

Honeybush is a cousin of Rooibos, cultivated in South Africa’s Eastern Cape region. Its flowers smell of honey, which gives this plant it’s name. The taste of honey bush tea is similar to that of rooibos, though slightly sweeter with a fuller bodied liquor. It is caffeine free.