Global Tea Regions - China

Around the world with Tea

Tea has long entrenched history and tradition with China. Tea originates from China, and it is from here, that it spread across the entire world.

Chinese tea can be classified into five distinctive categories: white, green, oolong, black and post-fermented. All of these come from varieties of the same Camellia sinensis plant. Most Chinese teas are consumed in China and are not exported, except to Chinese-speaking communities in other countries. Green tea is the most popular type of tea consumed in China.

Green tea was first mentioned in writing around 600 B.C. and later described fully in the works of the poet Lu Yü in 780 A.D. So for many centuries, Green tea has been enjoyed by the Chinese as a healthy and vitalizing drink. Most Green teas and semi-fermented Oolong teas.

China also produces Black tea in considerable quantities for its export markets, but it is rarely drunk by themselves. Various kinds of Black tea are produced, and generally, they have a mild, sweet to spicy, and slightly smoky flavor. The best known is “Keemun”.

China is the only country that produces specialties such as Jasmine, Rose and Lychee tea. These teas are processed by steaming the leaves with the respective blossoms, so that they take on their flavor and taste.