Global Tea Regions - Himalayas

Around the world with Tea

Terai and Dooars are the most significant tea gowing areas in this geographical location. The elevation of this area ranges from 90m to 1750m.


This tea is well- processed leaves, with a slightly sweet taste with a spicy after note. They have an exceptionally good first flush during the month of Feberuary. The tea is produced in the style of Darjeeling. The cup is bright, and the liquor almost green in colour. It has an aromatic, fresh and lively. The first plantation in Terai was Champta.


The name Dooars- literally means doors. This represents the gateway from Noethe East India to Bhutan.The Dooars are famous for the tea gardens which were planted by the British. At that time, the British employed imported labour from Nepal to work on the gardens. These workers converted the forests into inhabitable and agricultural areas. The liquor is clear, black and heavy.

Today, this area is responsible for 25% of India’s the whole tea crop.