Other uses for old tea bags!

The world’s favorite beverage has been known for its medicinal, comforting and feel good properties.

Here are some hacks that use tea bags around your home, for after you’ve enjoyed your relaxing brew.

1. Rebrew old tea bags!

Re- Brew old tea bags and let the brew cool. Put it into a spritzer bottle and either spray on the go, or spray on to a cotton pad and use it to re hydrate parched skin. This also works as an excellent toner for dry skin.

Senok Green tea is known for it anti-oxidant properties and Senok Chamomile Tea would be ideal to use.

2.Chill Them!

Collect your used tea bags and chill them well, use them around your eyes to eliminate tiredness and puffy eyes and over time, its been shown that dark spots too can lighten.

Senok Mint Green tea is great as well as Senok Chamomile, Senok Pure Green Tea and Senok Earl Grey Black Tea.

3.Lock in the shine!

Rise your hair with Senok Black Tea or Senok Pure Green Tea.

Brew the tea as normal and cool it for a few hours or overnight, then rise your hair with it and follow with your favourite shampoo and conditioner to keep your lock super shiny all day!

4.Treat your Feet!

Soak your feet in freshly boiled tea – Senok Mint Green Tea is ideal for this as well as Senok Rose Black Tea.

Soak your feet in the tea and the  tannic acid in the tea will get to work. It works as both an antibacterial and antifungal, so it stops feet from sweating and smelling bad.

5.Relieve bug bites!

Use an already brewed Senok Chamomile Tea Bag on a mosquito bite to soothe and relieve the sting.




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