Perehara First Elephant

Broken Orange Pekoe tea held inside a charming porcelain elephant

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This porcelain gift tea ornament is a beautifully crafted model of elegantly dressed elephant. Tea plays a pivotal role in the economy of Sri Lanka. Similarly, playing a significant cultural role are the majestic elephants on the island nation!

The Perahera is unique symbol of Sri Lanka. It holds a historic significance to some of our biggest Buddhist Temples. It is an annual street procession where amazing traditional local dance acts light up the streets. However the spotlight of a perahera is always on the majestic elephants dressed in lavish Royal garments.

In summary, our elephants and our tea are two of the most distinctive identities of the island nation. Therefore it is only fitting that these two be coupled to craft an elegant porcelain gift tea ornament.

The First Elephant of a perahera is ridden by an official call “Peramuna Raala” (Front Official). He makes way for the rest of the dances and elephants to follow. Similarly, this excellent porcelain gift tea ornament with fine broken orange pekoe encased in an artistic depiction of a parade elephant leads the way in truly special gift ideas from Sri Lanka.

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