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Single Estates
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gift tea single estates

Single Estates

Single Estate Pure Ceylon Black Tea

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Single Estates gift tea pack is an elegantly crafted wooden gift box for those who seek pure and authentic richness in their tea. This luxury wooden compartment box houses six tea tins. One of each from six of the most exclusive Single Estate Unblended Teas.

Lover’s leap – A strident Pure Ceylon Pekoe from the mountains
Aislaby – The finest incomparable seasonal Pure Ceylon Pekoe
Mattakele -A rich coppery cup with a clean and fresh flavour. Pure Ceylon Broken Orange Pekoe
Pothatuwa – A pure Ceylon Broken Orange Pekoe 1 which creates a dark liquor with a slightly smokey flavour
Kalubowitiyana – A strong and coloury Pure Ceylon CTC
Queensbury – Pure Ceylon Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe gives a mellow and fragrant brew

Single Estates Gift Tea Box is truly a memorable gift to a classy individual who appreciate and know their teas!

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