Suggestions and Reviews

Suggestions and Reviews


As an Englishman I take drinking tea seriously. A special moment to be savoured. I have tried many Brand’s and blends, but have to say Senok tea is among the finest I have ever experienced. The subtle Flavours are sublime, the range an adventure and their heritage and expertise second to none.

Steve Mc Ginnes


It was a great pleasure to meet you and your family on Sri Lanka. I have with great pleasure celebrated life with my wife drinking your excellent Senok Tea, thank you very much for this small but very nice gift from beautiful Sri Lanka.

Hope to be back early next year 2017.

Ari Mathiesen


Hope you are well and it has been quite some time since we connected personally.

We remember you and Senok every morning and in the evening when we keep sipping the Senok teas!

My wife and I are literally addicted now for years to Senok tea and we don’t know a situation when this can become a scarcity!( sure this situation may not arise thanks to Senok growth and focus in the tea sector! )

Be it BOP or the fragrant teas (taken in late night) or the pure black flavoured teas- the quality is really rich and enjoyable anytime of the day.

Mr. Srini Ganesan