I’ve had great pleasure discovering your teas. Every one of them has a distinct character, so the joy for me has been in the experimentation.

With all the subtle variations in aroma, colour, body and flavour, simply making a cuppa is a mini-adventure.

Breathing in the aroma is rewarding in itself. And, to my taste anyway, most of these teas really don’t need anything added, no milk, no sugar. There’s a freshness and sharpness to your teas – so I just savour the flavour and let the pressures of the world lift away.

Amazing to think that all of this variation can be achieved with humble leaves. There’s evidently great skill here in selecting and blending, and good taste behind every decision.

(OK, the packaging and branding could do with a lift but hopefully between us we’ve got that in hand!)

My favourites

1 Uva Highlands
Loved this when I did a tasting with you in Sri Lanka and it’s still my favourite of the single estate teas. When brewed it comes up dark and coppery. Quite a subtle aroma but it’s the taste I like – bright, it picks me up.

2 Ceylon teabag (broken orange pekoe)
Reminds me of the Ceylon tea my grandmother used to serve in fine bone china. Great colour and a good fresh tea with a bit of a kick. Satisfying, refreshing. It’s been a hit with the studio at NB too.

3 Golden Tips
When you infuse these pretty leaves there’s a beautiful golden colour with a slightly pinky hue. The aroma is subtle, oaky, quite earthy in fact, with hints of grape. The flavour is surprisingly strong, not at all harsh although it lingers on the tongue long after a sip.

4 Lovers leap
The name is evocative and these fine leaves brew up to a light orange glow with a raisin scent. You get a pronounced tang on the palate and a long aftertaste with lots of tannin. Could it work as the basis of an iced tea?

5 Silver Tips
I love the look and aroma which reminds me of walking out on a dewy morning in the English countryside. The flavour is quite subtle and delicate – possibly an acquired taste (that I haven’t quite acquired yet!)

6 Earl Grey
Complex aroma, very pronounced bergamot, almost medicinal with hint of pine. More natural tasting than the Earl Greys I’m accustomed to here in Britain. No harsh aftertaste.

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