Stockholm (loose leaf)
This was one of my personal favourites! I liked this because it had a taste that wasn’t too strong or weak and it has a lovely after taste. It was also a touch fragrant, which I liked.

English Breakfast tea (tagged bag)
We had loads of this. You gave us the individual tea bags with tags. It was a general cuppa! The taste was so much better than anything we can get off the shelf here, but it got strong quickly and was much darker that the tea we normally have with milk. We got good on the timings though – it was a quick submersion in hot water that achieved our favoured colour and taste.

Brunswick (loose leaf)
We liked this. It didn’t seem as strong as the Stockholm and was lighter in colour, but it did seem to have a stronger after taste.

Uva Highlands (loose leaf)
I loved this in the afternoons. It was a little lighter and more mellow than the others.

Earl Grey (loose leaf)
Our very own Earl Grey (Simon) drinks bucket loads of this tea and loved your version.

Jasmine Green Tea (loose leaf)
We weren’t fans of this one – sorry! The taste and aroma of Jasmine was way too potent for use. It was like we were literally eating Jasmine flowers!

Apple & cinnamon
The girls in the studio drink a lot of this flavour normally. They thought the taste was OK. They thought it was like the other apple and cinnamon teas available on the UK market (particularly Twinings), but they felt the apple and cinnamon aroma of this tea was a little synthetic.

We thought this had a soft lemon flavour, but that stayed in the mouth for a while.

Peppermint tea
This tea has a very potent smell. The team thought it didn’t taste as fresh as some of the other peppermint teas they drink.

Jasmine tea
The overall flavour was sweet, fruity and floral. The aroma was a little overpowering and synthetically perfumed to be relaxing (normally associated with a Jasmine tea).

The team drink a lot of Chai, but felt this didn’t taste like the chai they were accustomed to. They found the aroma of the raw tea leaves, a tad pungent and synthetic.

So in summary, the generally quality is better than we are used to, but for us the favourites were the teas that hadn’t been flavoured.

Thanks again for your generosity – I hope from our comments you don’t think us Brits are tasteless philistines!

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