So it’s tea time. No matter what season, it feels always good to have a cup of Senok tea. In summertime, when you get tired with the burning heat, Senok tea cheers you up. In autumn and wintertime, Senok tea is an excellent warm-up. Coming home, get tea water boiled – and there starts the problem: which taste to choose? The fruity mango flavoured Premium Ceylon Black tea – or rather the fine Jasmine flavoured? Or the pure Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings? Or Pure Ceylon Green tea?

Let me show you my personal “guideline”: My best friend always goes for Pure Ceylon Peach and Abricot. My daughter enjoys Pure Ceylon Green Tea – in summertime the mint flavoured. In springtime, the Ceylon Black Tea with fruits of the forest announces summer feelings with its taste of strawberry, raspberry and blackberry. In autumn afternoons, I adore the pure tastes of Uva Highlands Pekoe, Elteb Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings or Lovers Leap Pekoe.

If I can’t decide, I take at least two cups – of different tastes.

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