Tea Cinema

A Visual Side of Tea

I often hold beginner tea tasting sessions and watch as some guests struggle to process and interpret the many flavours in tea. I notice either a blank or frustrated look on their face as they try to make the connection between the aromas and flavours that they are experiencing with words, images or memories.

Often the resulting tasting notes will be limited to safe and broad terms like ‘grassy’ or ‘earthy’ when I know that they are experiencing so much more detail. The problem is that many people are not practised in ‘active tasting’.

This is not something that has to be taught. Active tea tasting requires some direction but the key is practice and persistence. It is, in a way, a form of mindfulness as we take away distractions and focus attention and appreciation to the liquor in the cup.

In this video I present some simple guidelines to get you further along the road of active tasting. Before you know it you will be accessing descriptors that may even surprise you and you will be tasting tea like a pro.


Video Credit : Mei Leaf

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